Plant a tree in Ireland

and your name will live forever...

When you plant an Irish Oak Tree
your name or the name of your choice will be recorded as the registered owner on our database.
You will receive a beautifully printed A4 gold embossed full colour certificate of ownership.
The total cost per tree is €69.95 (inclusive of mailing your certificate of ownership).
This is the total amount you will be charged.

plant a tree in Ireland
plant a tree in Ireland, certificate of ownership

The certificate of ownership

will include the person's name and date of your choice, your unique tree I.D. number and details of the precise location of your Irish oak tree within the oak forest In longitude and latitude derived from the Global Positioning System (GPS) Making a visit to see your tree simple and enjoyable. Visitors are most welcome!
Car parking is provided at the forest. 

Why You should plant a tree in Ireland...

Woodland wealth 
and biodiversity

native woodlands are home to a wealth of wildlife, from shade-loving plants and delicate fungi, to nesting birds, elusive mammals and rare insects. Ancient woodland in particular supports more species than any other habitat in Ireland.
But woodland cover in Ireland is one of the lowest in Europe, and as a country we need to do more to increase it to help meet the needs of our wildlife. If we don't protect what we have left and work to create woodlands of the future, we stand to lose more than just trees.

Climate change
carbon capture the "tree way"

Locking carbon into trees helps fight the impact of climate change. As trees grow they capture and lock away more and more carbon for everyone's future. Fortunately, the best carbon capture technology has already been created: trees and forests. Forests store carbon mainly in trees and soil. While they mainly pull carbon out of the atmosphere—making them a sink—they also release carbon dioxide. This occurs naturally, such as when a tree dies and is decomposed (thereby releasing carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases). The movement of carbon and other gases within forests and soils occurs on a cycle. Forest management can influence these cycles and enhance carbon capture.

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